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Operational Policy Expression and Analysis in the RiverWare Modeling Tool

By Timothy M. Magee, Edith A. Zagona, and Donald Frevert, Proceedings of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute's (EWRI's) World Water & Environmental Resource Congress, Orlando, FL, May 2001.

Abstract: Operational management of multiobjective river and reservoir systems is facilitated by RiverWare's operational policy modeling features. Rulebased simulation is solved by executing user-specified prioritized rules that are easily created, examined and modified in a syntax-directed graphical editor. The rulebased simulation run analysis utility shows exactly how each policy influenced releases, flows and elevations during the simulation. An optimization solution using pre-emptive linear goal programming is driven by a set of prioritized goals input by the user. Each goal is an objective or a set of constraints on the system; the goals are satisfied in priority order. The Optimization Analysis Tool shows how each goal influenced the optimal solution. Some applications of these tools to real-world problems are described by other papers in this session.

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