Training: Water Accounting Colorado River
May 15–17, 2019 (Wed–Fri)
  Registration Deadline: Pay on or before May 14.

  You must have taken both the Introduction
  to Simulation and the Rulebased Simulation
  Modeling classes to register for this class.
 Course Description

The Water Accounting course provides an introduction to modeling water ownership, water type, and/or water rights using RiverWare’s Water Accounting solution approach. This will allow you to track both the physical water and the “color” of the water, often called “paper” water. This class requires a basic understanding of the simulation and rulebased simulation techniques.

You will learn how accounting works to model water ownership or type within any basin. We will show you how to run an accounting model and view results. You will convert a pure simulation model into an accounting model by creating accounts, selecting accounting methods, and linking them to represent how water can be transferred throughout the basin. We will explain how to use rulebased simulation to access and set accounting values as necessary in a basin that is driven by ownership or type. The class culminates in an interactive exercise where you learn about the priority date based water rights allocation solver and apply it to a sample basin using the accounting system.  Finally, we show you how to debug the system and present additional utilities that you can use to analyze the solution.

This class has been taught for over 9 years by the RiverWare research and development team and has consistently received positive feedback. Both the Introduction to Simulation Modeling and the Rulebased Simulation Modeling courses are prerequisites for registering for this class.

Information and Logistics
Class size is limited, so register as soon as possible. You are confirmed as soon as your payment is received. Class fee is $1200. A late fee of $150 is added for registration less than 1 week before the class begins. about student discounts.
  If you cancel a registration 2 or more weeks prior to the class start date, you may apply the full payment amount toward another class or attendee, good for 1 year. A “Change Fee” of $50.00 will be charged when making the new registration arrangements.
  If you cancel a registration less than 2 weeks before the class start date, you may apply 50% of the payment amount toward another class or attendee, good for 1 year. The credit will be applied when making the new registration arrangements.
  If you cancel a registration paid by credit card within 24 hours of payment, a void will be issued for the full amount.
Credit Cards and Security
  Only contact information is collected through the CADSWES RiverWare website registration form. Credit card transactions are performed on a secure PayPal website. CADSWES does not receive credit card account numbers. Please do not send credit card account numbers to CADSWES in any format, including email or voicemail.
Notifications and Questions

Please to let us know of your intention to register. Although we are unable to hold space without your registration and payment information, knowledge of your intention will allow us to alert you when the class is filling and your registration/paperwork is yet to arrive.

Also if you wish to schedule a special session, or be notified of upcoming classes, or be placed on a waiting list, or if you have questions about the class, accommodations, travel, student rates, etc.

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  University of Colorado Preferred Hotel Program
  Many local hotels participate in the Preferred Hotel Program and offer rates that are lower than what is typically available at these properties. Click HERE to see what discounts are being offered in the Boulder area.
  Please make your reservations as soon as possible because we cannot guarantee availability. If you need more choices, look at our list of accommodations that are relatively near CADSWES, or look at this more comprehensive listing of Boulder-area lodging.
Class Location and Schedule

The 3-day class will take place in the RiverWare training room at the CADSWES offices. CADSWES offices are located within CU’s Center for Innovation and Creativity at 1777 Exposition Drive, Boulder, Colorado. Please see our Visitor Information pages for maps and directions.

The doors open at 8:00am, and coffee/tea will be available. Class begins at 8:30am and typically runs to 5pm with three breaks. Snacks are provided for the morning and afternoon breaks. You are on your own for lunch (noon-1pm). The last day's class usually ends around 3pm, so for travel purposes, we encourage people to not book flights out before 4 pm if possible. Please let your instructor know ahead of time if you will be needing to leave early, so we can ensure you get all the course content. Here is a preliminary agenda/schedule. PDF

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