2016 RiverWare User Group Meeting Colorado River
NCAR/UCAR Center Green Campus Auditorium
  Tuesday, August 23, 8am - 5pm
  Wednesday, August 24, 8am – 12:30pm
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White River Converting from Period of Record to Realtime Operations Model
  Jennifer Steffen—Little Rock District USACE

The White River is a complex system with five lakes’ releases constricted by two main control points, Newport and Georgetown. Three of these lakes are in tandem, while the two other lakes flow into the White River at different points. The White River RiverWare model is currently used as a period of record model to help with what if scenarios and for planning purposes. Little Rock district is working to transform the period of record RiverWare model into a real time model that will be used as aid to help manage the flood control storage in these lakes and help regulators determine release schedules within the new CWMS. The model had to be transformed to match HEC’s HMS forecast models, and configured to load in flows from these models. There were many difficulties encountered in moving from a period of record planning model to real time operations. One of these was trying to reduce gate change oscillations that are a big problem with real time model, but are not a problem in a planning model. The last goal will be to integrate RiverWare into the CAVI.

Click HERE for a PDF version of the presentation slides.

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