RiverWare Bug Reporting Colorado River
A centrally-coordinated bug reporting and administration facility is accessible to RiverWare users HERE; click on the "File a Report" link. This is a password-protected area.

Contact if you forgot your login or password, or have questions.

In order to expedite the process and make it more efficient, we ask that you go through the following checklist BEFORE filing the bug:
  1. Please talk with your system administrator first about any error messages, symptoms, etc. that occur. The problem may be due to an operating system issue rather than an application bug.
  2. Please determine which version of RiverWare you are running, and indicate which it is in the appropriate field on the form. The diagnosis and fixing of a problem will be completed more quickly if the developers have this information.
  3. Please make a note of what version your operating system is and indicate this information in the appropriate place on the form.

AFTER filing the bug, contact and inform them about the urgency of the problem and provide model/ruleset files that exhibit the problem so our developers may replicate it. After you file a bug you will receive e-mailed acknowledgments every time the bug status changes:

  • When the bug is first filed into the bug tracking system
  • When the priority of the bug is determined.
  • When the bug is assigned to a developer to be fixed.
  • When the bug has been fixed and is closed.
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