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Script Management
Scripts are an exciting new feature that allow you to automate many of the tasks involved in operating your model. Scripts are organized sequences of actions that you configure and execute.
Create a script to update your operations model to a new water year. Use a script to convert an accounting model to a planning model. Run a script to prepare your model for a run by setting the time range, importing values, and even executing the run. The opportunities are endless.
Scripts are created by a model developer in the Script Manager and the Script Editor. They are executed by a model user through the Script Dashboard which provides an interface where the user can set values through sliders, buttons and editors. Actions can even be hidden from the dashboard so only the desired pieces of information are shown.
In the initial implementation, there are over twenty action types you can add to your scripts. This framework is extensible so additional actions can be added in the future.
For more information on Scripts, see Script Management in Automation Tools.
Revised: 08/02/2021