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The following changes have been made to RiverWISE.
Input Periodic Slots
RiverWISE now supports input data sets based on exported RiverWare periodic slots. These data sets are treated much like ordinary table data sets based on exported RiverWare table slots; the main difference is that the tabular display of data sets based on periodic slots includes special row and header text. These data sets cannot be plotted in RiverWISE.
Radio Buttons for Scalar Values
RiverWare modelers creating a WISE file can now enumerate the permissible values for a scalar input data set.
These data sets are then edited in RiverWISE using radio button controls.
Export DateTime Slots
In the Export to RiverWISE dialog, the input or output slot sets can now include slots with values of unit type DateTime. These values are displayed in RiverWISE as they are in RiverWare—for example, “January 1” for a value with unit MonthAndDay and “12:00 February 17, 2020” for a value with unit FullDateTime. The Edit panel of the Edit and Run Scenarios tab now provides options for specifying a date/time value when any of the displayed values have the DateTime unit type.
Export Results From RiverWISE
RiverWISE now allows you to export result data sets to an Excel workbook. Data for all data sets and scenarios are exported, with each data set written to a different worksheet. Within a worksheet, the first column includes the series date and times, and each subsequent column includes the data for a different scenario.
Revised: 08/02/2021