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Accounting : Account Reference : Diversion Account
Diversion Account
The diversion account represents a legal diversion right from a reach, distribution canal, or reservoir. Diversion Accounts can be created on Water User and Agg Diversion Site objects. On Agg Diversion Sites, Diversion Accounts are allowed on the aggregate or the water user elements based on the linking structure; that is, using the Link Structure menu.
Following are the limitations:
• No Structure—Diversion accounts are allowed on the Water User elements, but not the aggregate.
• Sequential Structure—Diversion accounts are allowed on either the Water User elements or the aggregate, but not both.
• Lumped Structure—Diversion accounts are allowed on the aggregate, but not the Water User elements.
These limitations are enforced when creating accounts, but you can switch linking structures after creating the accounts. A warning message is displayed when you switch structures and have invalid accounts. The invalid accounts remain but are not saved in the model. During the saving process, a red message warns of any invalid accounts that have not been saved.
See the following sections for details:
Revised: 01/05/2024