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General RiverWare
The following changes were made to general RiverWare utilities.
About Window
The RiverWare About window contains information about the license, environment variables, temporary folders, and third-party libraries. The content of this window was improved to show a table of contents and navigation aids. In addition, the content was slightly re-organized for improved access.
The following changes were made to licensing.
Floating License Changes
The Reprise License Manager (RLM) used for licensing was upgraded to version 15.1. There are some key improvements to floating licenses. These changes only apply to floating licenses; disregard if you have a node-locked, a dongle, or a cloud license. This new release includes the following key updates to the RLM license server:
• The password file is now required to avoid the RLM web server’s automatic shutdown in 10 minutes.
• HTTPS in the RLM Web Server is now supported.
• The restriction on running RLM server as an administrator has been removed.
If you are using a floating license, you are strongly recommended to update your license server using the server files included in RiverWare 9.2.
For more information, see the License Server Administration Guide at:
Revised: 01/05/2024