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Plot Controls
In any plot shown in RiverWISE, you can zoom in by drawing a rectangle. Right-click and select Auto-Scale to zoom to the full extent. The right-click context menu shows the following options:
• Auto-scale. Scale and translate the plot to include the entire range of data.
• Zoom. Zoom in, zoom out on either one or both axes.
• Move. Translate the plot Left, Right, Up, or Down.
• Export Image. Create an image file representing the plot. The resulting dialog allows you select the export image file extension, size, resolution, and destination. The available file type extensions are: *.bmp, *.jpeg, *.pbm, *.pgm, *.png, *.ppm, *.xbm or *.xpm.
Note:  The image resolution affects only file formats that use compression. In general, you should use the highest resolution.
• Print. Send an image of the plot to an installed printer. You can create a PDF of the plot by printing to a PDF driver, if one is installed.
Revised: 01/05/2024