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Series Units
RiverWISE supports a flow/volume display toggle for series data. Use the Change Series Units button, lower right corner of RiverWISE, to see the three possible values for flow or volume data sets:
1. Standard – Display flows and volumes without conversion. The native units of the data set is used.
2. Flow – Display volumes as flows (as appropriate). Show flows as flows and volumes as flows. Note, some volume data sets, like Storage, are not converted to a flow.
3. Volume – Display flows as volumes. Show flows as volume over the timestep. Show volumes as volumes
Selecting a new mode immediately changes all relevant displays of series data (tables, plots, and unit text), except messages in the Log tab. Data sets with other unit types are not affected.
Note:  The button is not supported for WISE models whose timestep is variable-length; for these models, the controls are not shown.
Revised: 01/05/2024