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Add scalar and table slots to an SCT
Use this procedure to add non-series related slots to the SCT.
Note:  You can only add slots that exist in the currently loaded RiverWare model.
1. Go to the Scalar Slots tab or the Other Slots tab.
2. Select Append Slots.
The Select more Slots for an SCT dialog box opens.
Note:  By default, the slot selector dialog box shows series slots only.
3. In the Slot Type menu, select Scalar and 1x1 Tables.
The slot list is updated to show available scalar slots and 1x1 table slots.
4. Optionally, position the dialog box so you can see it and the SCT together, side-by-side.
5. In the dialog box, select the slots you want to add.
Note:  You can include the same slot multiple times within the same SCT.
a. Select an object type.
b. Select an object.
c. Select one or more slots. Press Ctrl+Click or Shft+Click to select multiple slots in the slot list.
d. Select Apply or Ok.
The slots are added to the end of the slot list in the selected SCT tab.
6. When you are done adding slots, select Ok or Cancel in the Select more Slots dialog box to close it.
The dialog box closes, and the selected SCT tab becomes active.
Note:  You can add more slots, rearrange them, and make other modifications at a later time.
7. Select File, then Save SCT or Save SCT As to save the new slots to the SCT. Alternatively, press Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Shft+S.
Note:  If you close the SCT without performing this step, the new slots will not be saved to the SCT.
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Revised: 01/05/2024