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User Interface : Workspace : Exporting and Printing Model Images
Exporting and Printing Model Images
It is possible to export or print an image of the workspace for use in presentations or other graphic applications.
Exporting Model Images
Selecting File, then Export Workspace Image brings up the options to export the entire workspace image or only the visible portion of the workspace. The image can be saved in the following formats: PNG, BMP, JPG, PMB, PGM, PPM, XMP, or XMB. It is also possible to specify image resolution, width, and height in the export dialog.
In general, users will get the best results if they use PNG instead of JPG. PNG is very much like GIF, but has an open specification. (GIF is proprietary). JPG is lossy, but best for images with a lot of continuous variation. GIF and PNG are non-lossy for images with a limited number of colors (no more than 256 colors, which is the case with RiverWare workspace images, for the most part), and they compress really well for images with large blocks of solid color (also an attribute of the workspace). Also, GIF and PNG are much cleaner for the purpose of workspace and plot images. With JPEG, the user may see jagged edges.
Printing Model Images
The print option prints the entire workspace image. To print the workspace, select File, then Print, which brings up the Setup Printer dialog. In this dialog, various printing options can be selected.
Revised: 01/05/2024