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Water Quality : Groundwater Water Quality : User Methods : Show Salt Mass and Flux Category
Show Salt Mass and Flux Category
The category, Show Salt Mass and Flux, has methods that are used to show salt mass values when desired. The methods are available for each Lateral Link Direction.
* None
No salt mass slots are shown.
* Salt Mass Slots (No Linked Objects), Upstream, Downstream, Right and Left Slots
Note:  Method selection in this category is optional and does not affect the final salt concentrations. The purpose of these methods is for debugging and viewing salt mass values. Select a new method when you want to see mass values during debugging. Select the None method when you are finished. This saves some space in terms of model files size.
Slots Specific to This Method
 Salt Mass
Type: Agg Series Slot
Units: Mass
Description: Salt Mass on this groundwater object. The Agg Series has four columns: Total salt mass, Upper layer salt mass, lower layer salt mass, and salt mass flux upper to lower layer.
I/O: Output only
 Salt Mass Flux Upstream, Downstream, Left and/or Right
Type: Agg Series Slot
Units: Mass
Description: Salt mass flux out of this groundwater object in the direction specified. The Agg Series has three columns: Total flux, upper layer flux, and lower layer flux.
Information: These are actually 4 separate slots as specified by the selected method in the Lateral Link Direction category. There is a slot for each connected object.
I/O: Output only
Revised: 01/05/2024