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Water Quality : Reservoir Water Quality
Water Quality
Reservoir Water Quality
This section describes water quality for all reservoirs. There are no fundamental differences in the water quality methods for Storage, Level Power, Slope Power, and Pumped Storage reservoirs. There are slight differences in the methods for Slope Power reservoirs, however, because they account for concentrations transported by an additional side flow, Inflow2.
The current implementation of the reservoir water quality model allows you to model the following:
• Salinity, using a simple well-mixed approach or a layered approach
• Temperature and any combination of dissolved oxygen and salinity, using a layered approach
• Total dissolved gas (TDG) Outflow Concentration, based on the Tailwater Depth
The algorithms employed are explicit. This allows for ease of implementation and eliminates the need to iterate between objects or between water quality and water quantity calculations, which would be necessary if evaporation were based on heat flux.
•  Slots
Revised: 01/05/2024