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RiverWISE (RiverWare Interactive Scenario Explorer) is a standalone application for viewing and exploring alternatives of certain specially configured models generated in the RiverWare software. RiverWISE is freely available and easy to use – it does not require the RiverWare software or training.

RiverWare model developers build a river system model, develop a baseline scenario, and select important input variables that could reasonably be modified in exploring alternative scenarios. They select key output variables of interest for comparing alternatives. Using a utility in RiverWare, they create and export a special file, a WISE file (*.wise) that can be opened in RiverWISE. Stakeholders use RiverWISE to open the WISE file, view results, change values of the designated input variables, execute the simulation and compare resulting output values. They may create several scenarios, save them and send them to others.

Download RiverWISE

A password is required for downloading RiverWISE, which you will obtain from your RiverWISE developer.

Instructions for download & install:

1. Download the installer:
Version Release Date Download Help
9.2.5 Apr 16, 2024 RiverWISE_9.2.5_setup.exe  
9.2.4 Mar 21, 2024 RiverWISE_9.2.4_setup.exe  
9.2.3 Mar 04, 2024 RiverWISE_9.2.3_setup.exe  
9.2.2 Feb 15, 2024 RiverWISE_9.2.2_setup.exe  
9.2.1 Jan 29, 2024 RiverWISE_9.2.1_setup.exe  
9.2 Jan 09, 2024 RiverWISE_9.2_setup.exe RiverWISE Stakeholder User Guide
9.1.3 Sep 27, 2023 RiverWISE_9.1.3_setup.exe  
9.1.2 Aug 28, 2023 RiverWISE_9.1.2_setup.exe  
9.1.1 Aug 17, 2023 RiverWISE_9.1.1_setup.exe  
9.1 Jul 13, 2023 RiverWISE_9.1_setup.exe RiverWISE Stakeholder User Guide
9.0.5 Jun 05, 2023 RiverWISE_9.0.5_setup.exe  
9.0.4 Mar 20, 2023 RiverWISE_9.0.4_setup.exe  
9.0.3 Feb 15, 2023 RiverWISE_9.0.3_setup.exe  
9.0.2 Feb 09, 2023 RiverWISE_9.0.2_setup.exe  
9.0.1 Jan 25, 2023 RiverWISE_9.0.1_setup.exe  
9.0 Jan 12, 2023 RiverWISE_9.0_setup.exe RiverWISE Stakeholder User Guide
8.5.6 Jan 11, 2023 RiverWISE_8.5.6_setup.exe  
8.5.5 Nov 29, 2022 RiverWISE_8.5.5_setup.exe  
8.5.4 Oct 04, 2022 RiverWISE_8.5.4_setup.exe  
8.5.3 Sep 20, 2022 RiverWISE_8.5.3_setup.exe  
8.5.2 Aug 31, 2022 RiverWISE852setup.exe  
8.5.1 Jul 26, 2022 RiverWISE851setup.exe  
8.5 Jul 07, 2022 RiverWISE85setup.exe RiverWISE Stakeholder User Guide
    To download previous versions, click HERE.

2. Run the installer to install the files into a folder on your system. We recommend creating a folder called C:\CADSWES\RiverWISE 8.3\, or with a similar name.

3. Obtain a RiverWISE license through your model developer.
a. The model developer will initiate communication with CADSWES and assist in getting a license. The developer will provide CADSWES with the name, organization, and email of each stakeholder. CADSWES will communicate with the stakeholders to obtain machine information and will then generate and provide the licenses.
b. Please copy the license file to the directory one above where you have installed RiverWISE. In the example in 2., the license should go in C:\CADSWES.

4. Run RiverWISE by clicking on the icon on your desktop or in your start menu.

5. Open the WISE file provided by the RiverWISE developer using File--Open Wise File... in the menu. RiverWISE documentation is available from the Help menu.

RiverWare Terms of Use
View the RiverWare License Agreement
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