Additional Features
Data Management Interface
  RiverWare's Data Management Interface (DMI) utility provides the ultimate flexibility to share data with other applications and analysis tools, other agencies, and other system users. It allows you to customize and automate loading and exporting data and setting up runs for specific applications. The DMI provides maximum convenience and flexibility by executing tailored external programs invoked through RiverWare's graphical user interface. The DMI also allows you to:
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Load inputs from any external sources including real-time or relational databases, outputs from other models and ASCII files.

  blue arrow Export data to spreadsheets, analysis tools, databases, official schedules, other models, e-mails, and more.
  blue arrow Extend or redefine start and end run times.
  blue arrow Automatically load initial conditions, hydrologic forecasts, and special operating constraints in a single menu selection from RiverWare's DMI graphical user interface enabling near-real-time operation.
Multiple Run Management
  Set up many model runs at concurrent or consecutive time horizons and change data inputs or policies (rule sets or constraint sets). The index sequential option automatically permutates historical inflow data for planning studies.
Advanced Diagnostics
  Improve analysis of model runs by printing optional informational messages on specified objects, slots, timesteps, methods and controllers. These messages are integrated with RiverWare's warning and error messages to provide exact problem diagnosis.
  Define and name arbitrary groupings of features in a model as subbasins, which can be used in expression slots, policies and DMIs. Use this feature with DMIs to allow several operators to schedule different subbasins as variables. Build the expressions in RiverWare's graphical expression editor.
Snapshot Manager
  RiverWare's snapshot manager automatically saves input/output values of selected slots for each model run. Change the scenario, make another run, and retain selected results for comparison. Data are kept on snapshot data objects and are created and modified through the snapshot manager interface.
Output Options
  The plotting manager allows plotting of variables from successive model runs - with no limit to the number of plots. View and print the plots or export the data in ASCII files or spreadsheet-readable files.
Batch Mode
  Need to call in on the weekend to run a model via modem? RiverWare's batch mode utility lets you make a run, enter data, and look at the results in batch mode through its RiverWare Command Language (RCL).

Last edited October 16, 2015