Rulebased Simulation
Rulebased simulation allows the specification of prioritized "if-then" operating policy statements to drive the simulation instead of input data values. The rules are easily written by the user in a language provided through the syntax-directed editor. Complex policy can be represented clearly and concisely by using a library of pre-defined or user-customized functions. The rules are interpreted and executed when the simulation needs additional data. The most valuable benefit of RiverWare's rulebased simulation is that the rules represent policies as dynamic data, which can be viewed and modified outside the compiled code.
Value-added Features:
  checkbox Customized libraries of functions simplify rule writing.
  checkbox Automated testing of rules for correct syntax before making a run.
  checkbox Graphical rule editor permits easy switching of rule priorities and toggling ON/OFF individual rules or sets of rules.
  checkbox Comments and diagnostic messages added by the user to the rules facilitate analysis of model runs.

Last edited October 16, 2015