Training: Water Accounting Colorado River
September 14–17, 2021 (Tue–Fri)
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  The Simulation and Rulebased Simulation
  classes) are prerequisites for registering.
 Important Notice

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting concerns regarding public health, coupled with restrictions on travel, the Water Accounting course will be moving online with live instruction and group participation. We will be using the video-conferencing platform Zoom (https://zoom.us).

The class will be extended to encompass 3.5 days, and will start Tuesday, May 12 at 1 pm MDT and end Friday, May 15 by 4pm.

Here is a draft agenda, with scheduled times for presentations and group sessions. The schedule allows some flexibility in the amount of time spent working on and completing the tutorial exercises.

As part of the preparation for the class, we will ship a training manual to each registered attendee and make sure each has required resources, including a temporary RiverWare license and needed files.

If you plan to register, please do so soon, as the class size is limited and is nearly full. When filling out the registration form, please be sure to use the address to which you wish the manual shipped.

 Course Description

The Water Accounting course provides an introduction to modeling water ownership, water type, and/or water rights using RiverWare’s Water Accounting solution approach. This will allow you to track both the physical water and the “color” of the water, often called “paper” water. This class requires a basic understanding of the simulation and rulebased simulation techniques.

You will learn how accounting works to model water ownership or type within any basin. We will show you how to run an accounting model and view results. You will convert a pure simulation model into an accounting model by creating accounts, selecting accounting methods, and linking them to represent how water can be transferred throughout the basin. We will explain how to use rulebased simulation to access and set accounting values as necessary in a basin that is driven by ownership or type. The class culminates in an interactive exercise where you learn about the priority date based water rights allocation solver and apply it to a sample basin using the accounting system.  Finally, we show you how to debug the system and present additional utilities that you can use to analyze the solution.

This class has been taught for over 9 years by the RiverWare research and development team and has consistently received positive feedback. Both the Simulation and the Rulebased Simulation courses are prerequisites for registering for this class.

Information and Logistics
Class size is limited, so register as soon as possible. You are confirmed as soon as your payment is received. Class fee is $1200. A late fee of $150 is added for registration less than 1 week before the class begins. about student discounts.
Registration Cancelation Policy
  Registrations are transferable, or refunds are available, if canceled a minimum of 10 days before the class start date. A 5% administrative fee will be assessed.
Credit Cards and Security
  Credit card transactions are performed on a secure website that meets PCI-DSS standards. CADSWES does not receive credit card account numbers. Please do not send credit card account numbers to CADSWES in any format, including email or voicemail.
Notifications and Questions

Please to let us know of your intention to register. Although we are unable to hold space without your registration and payment information, knowledge of your intention will allow us to alert you when the class is filling and your registration/paperwork is yet to arrive.

Also if you wish to schedule a special session, or be notified of upcoming classes, or be placed on a waiting list, or if you have questions about the class, accommodations, travel, student rates, etc.

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