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2007 RiverWare User Group Meeting
NCAR/UCAR Center Green Campus Auditorium
February 6-7, 2007

Final Agenda/Presentations

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Preliminary Agenda



The RiverWare team at CADSWES invites you to the 2007 RiverWare Users Group Meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 6th (8am - 5pm) and 7th (8am - Noon).
   RiverWare users from across the United States will come together to discuss applications, learn about new tools being developed at CADSWES, share experiences, and make suggestions for enhancements. The attendees will include the CADSWES R&D team, RiverWare users from water management agencies/utilities/research institutions, and RiverWare consultants, as well as people interested in using RiverWare.

The capabilities of RiverWare expand every year, and by attending this year's meeting, you can:

Hear how other attendees are utilizing these advances in creative and effective ways;

Learn new aspects of the software that will facilitate meeting your river and reservoir management challenges;

Fine-tune your project planning by knowing what enhancements are scheduled or already under development at CADSWES; and

Give us your feedback on how we are meeting your modeling needs and what research directions could benefit your organization in the future.

The meeting registration fee
for the RiverWare User Group Meeting is $75 per person, with a registration deadline of January 30, 2007. The fee for Late Registration after January 30 is $100. After registering online, you may choose to pay the registration fee by Visa/ MasterCard or by check/ purchase order. Catering and meeting materials are ordered in accordance with the numbers reflected in our registration totals, so please register today.
   Boulder hotel room reservations should be made as soon as possible in order to reserve the best lodgings at the best rates. Please see our Lodging Page for special rates and recommendations.
   The past seven RiverWare Users Group Meetings have been highly attended and beneficial to both RiverWare users and developers. This is a unique opportunity for RiverWare users to discuss the latest advances and we encourage everyone to attend.
   Questions? Please contact Gwen Colby at 303-492-3972, or .

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