2023 RiverWare User Group Meeting Tuesday, August 29, 8am–5pm
  Wednesday, August 30, 8am–Noon
Investigating Changes to an Operating Plan Using Borg-RiverWare
Jennifer Short—USACE

The White River is a complex multi-reservoir system with multiple authorization. There are many different stakeholders with competing interests in the basin, which leads to a complex operating plan. In recent years the White River basin has experienced increasing basin average rainfall. This raises the question: Is the current operating plan the best plan to meet the needs of the system? Using Borg-RiverWare our team is investigating potential changes to the operating plan. The plan is to use Borg-RiverWare to help identify a nondominated solution that will present a good balance of meeting stakeholders' interests and continuing to meet the USACE mission. The study is not complete, but a presentation can be provided of lessons learned.

Click HERE for a PDF version of the presentation slides.
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