2023 RiverWare User Group Meeting Tuesday, August 29, 8am–5pm
  Wednesday, August 30, 8am–Noon
Mid Term Planning on the Federal Columbia Power System
Peter Williams—Bonneville Power Administration

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is a Federal entity that manages the disposition of the energy produced by the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS). BPA is using RiverWare to modernize its mid- and long-term modeling platforms. The current platform, in use for over 30 years, relies on flat-file input, FORTRAN executables, and binary output to provide forward guidance to the trading floor and resource programs. The RiverWare-centric adaption implements python-based RESTapi inputs, a SQL backend, and R/Shiny for visualization. We'll take a look at the new system, and some of the benefits.

Click HERE for a PDF version of the presentation slides.
Click HERE for the video recording of the presentation.
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