2023 RiverWare User Group Meeting Tuesday, August 29, 8am–5pm
  Wednesday, August 30, 8am–Noon
Flood Damage Reductions Legacy to CWMS
Matthew Wunsch—USACE
Sam Palmason—USACE
Glenn Fulton—Southwest Regional Planning & Environmental Center

Yearly reporting on project flood damages reduced are required by Congress for all COE districts. The hydrologic analysis portion of this effort in Tulsa District is modeled in RiverWare, while the post hydrologic analysis uses a combination of Legacy tools and modern software. When Tulsa District switched to RiverWare for hydrologic modeling, a straightforward conversion of legacy HEC-1 models were migrated into RiverWare to match existing stage-damage curves for defined "economic reaches". Tabular data of regulated and unregulated stages are converted to damage estimates and reported back to Congress. With further implementation of the Corps Water Management System (CWMS), Tulsa District made modifications to the existing RiverWare benefits model layouts so that they can be integrated so outputs could be applied to HEC-RAS, and HEC-FIA allowing for a full watershed with multiple program approach. This approach modernizes the way Tulsa District computes flood damages reduced and utilizes the hydraulic modeling and mapping capabilities of HEC-RAS and most recent structure and agriculture inventories with HEC-FIA to determine the economic benefits for each reservoir or levee in the district.

Click HERE for a PDF version of the presentation slides.
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