RiverWare Viewer Colorado River
RiverWare may be run in Full or Viewer mode. Running in full-featured mode requires a Program license, while running in Viewer mode requires a Viewer license (see below). We offer Viewer licenses at no cost to those users who would like to view the output of model runs, but do not need to build, modify or run models themselves.
  Viewer Resources
Requesting a RiverWare Viewer License (pdf)
the requested information about yourself and the machine on which you wish to run the RiverWare Viewer so you may receive a free RiverWare Viewer license.
Using the RiverWare Viewer (pdf)
We have not yet developed complete instructions for using the RiverWare Viewer, but this document describes basic features and the differences between the full RiverWare executable and the Viewer.
Download Files for Installing the RiverWare Viewer
This is the page for downloading the current release installer files, and the libraries & resources needed for running in Viewer mode.
Installation & LIcense Guides
These documents describe how to install RiverWare Viewer on your system and set up your license(s).
  If you need further assistance in using the RiverWare Viewer, please contact the agency, company or person who provided you with the model file and ruleset to view. In addition, you may wish to register for a RiverWare training class at CADSWES or purchase user support hours. To do so, or to give us feedback regarding the RiverWare Viewer mode, send email to .
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