RiverWare Release Policy

This RiverWare Release Policy describes a protocol for making new and modified RiverWare applications available to all licensed users. The key points are:

  • All releases of RiverWare are coordinated through the RiverWare developers group at CU/CADSWES. For information on the next scheduled release, please contact .
  • Each RiverWare executable has a release version number in the format:
         <x>.<y> or
    <x>.<y>.<z> or
    <x>.<y> patchlevel <z>         where,
    • x - major release number, incremented when major functionality is introduced in the new release.
    • y - minor release number, incremented when minor functionality is introduced into the new release.
    • z - patch level number, when present, incremented when bug fixes are introduced into the last release.

The release version number appears in the title bar of the main RiverWare workspace or can be printed to the screen when the application is run with the --version option:

      riverware --version

  • All RiverWare licensees are notified of new releases via e-mail. RiverWare User Support will attempt to notify all concerned parties at each licensed site, but due to changes in personnel and project assignments, we cannot guarantee that everyone will receive e-mail notification. At the very least, e-mail will be sent to the contact person at each site to whom the original license was issued.
  • New releases, supporting applications and libraries are available for downloading from our web site.
  • Individual RiverWare application users and/or system administrators are responsible for installing newly released applications on their environment. CADSWES will not automatically distribute or install copies of the release on individual machines. There is additional information on the Riverware Installation and License Guides page. Further assistance is available from .
  • New features and changes to the RiverWare executable which may impact existing models are documented in the Release Notes, which are distributed with the release in the Online Help.
  • We recommend testing before adopting a newly released version. Before every major release, CADSWES provides a pre-release version to test.

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