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 Course Description

This course is an introduction to RiverWare's most commonly used solution modules and to many of its utilities, output features and diagnostics. It is an abbreviated version of two three-day, in-depth, modeling courses; it meets the needs of people wishing to become familiar with RiverWare's capabilities at a fairly technical level.

You will learn how to build a model of the rivers, reservoirs, hydro plants, and other features of your basin, and to simulate the physical processes by selecting from a large number of alternative methods to tailor the simulation to your modeling needs. An introduction to the rulebased simulation solver and RiverWare's Policy Language and editor will be followed by an engaging group exercise in converting a basin's operating policy into a ruleset. We will demonstrate how to run the model, use diagnostics and run analysis tools, and view the results through plots, reports and special policy analysis tools. You will configure and build a system control table, a spreadsheet-like view of the data that provides easy access to editing and running the model. We will demonstrate the use of the Data Management Interface to automatically import and export data, and the Multiple Run Manager that automates the simulation of ensembles and produces probabilistic results.

Special meetings and sessions can be arranged to answer your modeling questions or discuss your particular modeling needs. Please let us know in advance (see Notifications and Questions below) if you would like to schedule a special session to discuss the application of RiverWare to a particular basin.

Information and Logistics
Class fees are normally $1,200. A discounted student rate is available. Please send us an email (see below) to see if you qualify for the student rate.
  If you cancel a registration 2 or more weeks prior to the class start date, you may apply the full payment amount toward another class or attendee, good for 1 year. A “Change Fee” of $50.00 will be charged when making the new registration arrangements.
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  Only contact information is collected through the CADSWES RiverWare website registration form. Credit card transactions are performed on a secure PayPal website. CADSWES does not receive credit card account numbers. Please do not send credit card account numbers to CADSWES in any format, including email or voicemail.
Notifications and Questions
  Please to let her know of your intention to register. Although we are unable to hold space without your registration and payment information, knowledge of your intention will allow her to alert you when the class is filling and your registration/paperwork is yet to arrive. Also contact Gwen if you wish to schedule a special session, or be notified of upcoming classes, or be placed on a waiting list, or if you have questions about the class, accommodations, travel, student rates, etc.
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Class Location and Schedule
  The 3-day class will take place in the RiverWare training room at the CADSWES offices. CADSWES offices are located within CU’s Center for Innovation and Creativity at 1777 Exposition Drive, Boulder, Colorado. Please see our Visitor Information pages for maps and directions.
  The doors open at 8:00am, and coffee/tea will be available. Class begins at 8:30am and typically runs to 5pm with three breaks. Snacks are provided for the morning and afternoon breaks. You are on your own for lunch (noon-1pm). The last day's class usually ends around 3pm, so for travel purposes, we encourage people to not book flights out before 4 pm if possible. Please let your instructor know ahead of time if you will be needing to leave early, so we can ensure you get all the course content. Here is a sample agenda/schedule. PDF
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