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Objects and Methods : Aggregate Diversion Site : User Methods : MODFLOW Link Category AggDiv
MODFLOW Link Category AggDiv
The MODFLOW Link Category AggDiv category is used to specify whether the Agg Diversion Site is linked with an external MODFLOW model.
* No Link to MODFLOW AggDiv
This is the default method for the MODFLOW Link Category AggDiv category. See MODFLOW Link Category AggDiv for details.
No computations or slots are associated with this method.
* Link to MODFLOW WU
Note:  RiverWare’s connection with MODFLOW is currently not functional. This method has been disabled and cannot be selected. An error will be posted at model load if this method was previously selected. Contact CADSWES for help.
The Link to MODFLOW WU method allows the AggDiversion Site object to be linked with MODFLOW.
No computations or slots are associated with this method.
A surface water body represented in MODFLOW may receive a surface return flow from a RiverWare AggDiversion Site object; that is, the value of the Total Surface Return Flow slot may be transferred through the computational subbasin structure to MODFLOW. This has a non-zero value only when a Return Flow method, a Return Flow Split method, and the Link to MODFLOW method are selected on member elements.
See Computational Subbasin Functionality Guide for a description of the AggDiversion Site-specific data configuration.
Revised: 08/02/2021