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Groundwater Computation
This category is used to specify the setup for linked groundwater modeling in RiverWare, and the role that the computational subbasin plays in this modeling. Currently, the only groundwater model that can be linked with RiverWare is MODFLOW.
* None
This is the default method.
There are no slots specific to this method.
* Link to MODFLOW 2000 RIP ET
Note:  RiverWare’s connection with MODFLOW is currently not functional. This method has been disabled and cannot be selected. An error will be posted at model load if this method was previously selected. Contact CADSWES for help.
When this method is selected, eight additional categories are made available. These categories include features that allow you to dynamically link a RiverWare Model with a MODFLOW 2000 model. See RiverWare / MODFLOW Connection for details. For the dynamic link between the programs to be functional, you must select a method in certain categories.
The following list identifies the available categories and whether the category requires a method selection.
• Reach Stage category - Required method selection
• Reach Gain Loss category - Required method selection
• Groundwater Elevation category - Required method selection
• Groundwater Lateral Flux category - Required method selection
• WaterUser Surface Return Flow category - Optional method selection
• AggDiversion Site Surface Return Flow category - Optional method selection
• Reach Diversion category - Optional method selection
• Reach Local Inflow categories - Optional method selection
Note:  In MODFLOW cells and stream segments are indexed by layer, row, column and/or by segment number. In these eight categories, the user is able to select a method and can designate specific MODFLOW cells/segments as belonging to a simulation object which must be included in the computation subbasin. In cases where multiple cells correspond to the same object, the computational subbasin method will aggregate and disaggregate the cell values to the corresponding object as necessary.
There are no slots specific to this method.
Revised: 08/02/2021