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Reach Diversion
This category is dependent on selection of the Link to MODFLOW 2000 RIP ET method in the Groundwater Computation category; see Link to MODFLOW 2000 RIP ET.
* None
This is the default method. There are no slots associated with this method.
* One to One Exchange
Note:  RiverWare’s connection with MODFLOW is currently not functional. This method has been disabled and cannot be selected. An error will be posted at model load if this method was previously selected. Contact CADSWES for help.
This method maps the Reach.Diverion slot value to the Reach Diversion to MODFLOW slot for each corresponding segment designated in the Reach Diversion Map slot. The diverted flow value(s) in the Reach Diversion to MODFLOW slot are transferred to MODFLOW and assigned as inflow into the specified segment(s).
Slots Specific to This Method
 Reach Diversion Map
Type: Table slot
Units: No units
Description: Maps a MODFLOW STR or SFR segment to a Reach object specified on the subbasin
Information: The segment number of each MODFLOW STR or SFR segment receiving a diversion inflow is input by the user and the corresponding Reach object needs to be set as the row title.
I/O: Input only
 Reach Diversion to MODFLOW
Type: Table Series slot
Units: Flow
Description: Diversion value for each MODFLOW segment specified in the Reach Diversion Map slot. The column labels are automatically defined at the beginning of the run, MODFLOW initialization. The user unit configuration (cfs, ft3/day, and so on) selected on this slot must match with the units used in MODFLOW.
Information: Transferred to MODFLOW
I/O: Output only
Revised: 08/02/2021