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Max Legal Request
Methods in this category allow you to specify the maximum legal request, which then limits the Initial Request.
* No Method
Default, no action method.
* Max Request Series
Slots Specific to This Method
 Maximum Request
Type: Series
Units: Flow
Description: This is the maximum legal flow that the diversion account can request.
If not input, there is no maximum and the initial request is used directly.
I/O: Optional input
Method Details 
The maximum request is applied at the same time as other legal constraints during the step when the solver computes the Appropriation Request. If there is a valid Maximum Request (not NaN), then:
Note:  If the Initial Request and the Maximum Request are less than zero, this method will set the Appropriation Request to zero.
Note:  Additional legal and physical constraints are applied to compute the final Appropriation Request; see Computing Appropriation Request from Initial Request for details.
Revised: 01/05/2024