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Multiple Run Management
The following changes were made to Multiple Run Management.
Distributed MRM Processor Assignment
The Distributed MRM configuration now allows you to assign RiverWare instances to specific processors. This can improve processor utilization during Distributed Runs. For more information, see the Info button on the Distributed Runs tab in the MRM configuration or see Assignment of RiverWare Instances to Logical Processors in Solution Approaches.
Figure 1.3  MRM Configuration, Distributed Runs tab with Processor Selector
Ensemble Data Tool
The Ensemble Data Tool (EDT) is used to visualize and analyze the RDF results of an MRM run within RiverWare. In this tool, import an RDF file created from an MRM run to create an Ensemble Data Set object. Then, plot traces and perform statistical analysis on the trace data. For more information on the EDT, see Ensemble Data Tool in Solution Approaches.
The following enhancements were made to support ensemble data set analysis:
• Two new analysis approaches were added to the Per Timestep, Across Traces analysis type, Exceedance and RPL Function. These are described for the script actions in Analyze Ensemble Dataset.
• Support for the analysis of accounting slots was added.
In addition, many enhancements were made to the Ensemble Data Tool to support visualization of ensemble data within the tool:
• A new Data Views panel was created to the right of the Data Sets. The Data Views contains a tabbed view of plots and data visualization.
• Use the plot buttons to create plots of all or some of the input or resulting data sets. See an example in the screenshot in Figure 1.4.
• Use the Visualize button or the new script action Visualize Ensemble Data Set to customize the visualization. See Visualize Ensemble Data Set for more information.
• For a Data View, use the new curve filtering controls to interactively select the curves to show. You can copy the resulting curve filter from one data view to another.
• Use the Create Plot Page button to create a plot page that can be saved in the Output Manager.
Figure 1.4  Ensemble Data Tool with new Data Views panel
RPL Set Versions in MRM
In MRM, you can load rulesets or goal sets to use for the policy. If the version number of the ruleset or goal set loaded during MRM is different than the current RiverWare version, RiverWare now continues the MRM run with no error if the RPL set's version is:
• Less than the RiverWare version, OR
• In the same patch series.
Previously in some cases this was considered an error. MRM now issues an error only if the RPL set version is a higher version number that is not in the patch series of the RiverWare version that is running. This behavior has not changed.
Revised: 01/05/2024