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Install and Run RiverWISE
If you already have an active RiverWare license, RiverWISE is included; a separate RiverWISE license is not needed. To execute RiverWISE, from the Windows Start menu select All Programs, then CADSWES, then RiverWISE #.#.#.
Use this procedure to install an active RiverWare license:
1. Obtain a WISE (*.wise) file from a RiverWare model developer.
2. Obtain a RiverWISE license file via the RiverWare model developer. The model developer communicates with CADSWES to facilitate stakeholder licenses. The developer will provide CADSWES with the name, organization, and email of each stakeholder. Then CADSWES will communicate with the stakeholders to obtain machine information and provide the license. See instructions at the following location.
3. Download and install RiverWISE according to the instructions at the following location.
Note:  You must install the same version that was used to generate the WISE file, so you must get the version number from the model developer.
4. Start RiverWISE by double-clicking the Windows desktop icon.
5. An empty RiverWISE window opens.
Revised: 01/05/2024