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Change slot value flags
Use this procedure to change the status of a series slot cell value by changing the flag.
1. Optionally, enable the display of flag letters for all slot values; see Display flag letters and priority numbers for details.
2. Select one or more cells with editable values.
Note:  In aggregated view, if you select a summary cell, the update will be applied to all timesteps in the aggregation interval
3. In the SCT menu, select Edit, then an available flag option; see Available flags by slot type for details about the available flags.
The flag is updated for the selected cells. The cells are shaded in the flag color defined on the flag legend, except for Target Operations. Target Operations are indicated by a frame around all timestep cells in the target range. The Target time is also shaded as an Input value.
Available flags by slot type
• General flags available to all series slots
– I—Input
– O—Output
– Z—DMI Input
• Maximum outflow flag available to Outflow slots
– M—Max Capacity
• Target flags available to Storage and Pool Elevation slots
– TB—Target Begin
– T—Target
• Drift flag available to Regulated Spill and Bypass slots
– D—Drift
• Surcharge release flag available to the Surcharge Release slot
– S—Surcharge Release
• Regulation discharge flag available to the Regulation Discharge slot
– G—Regulation Discharge
• Rule flag set by RiverWare
– R—Set by Rule
• Computed input set during iterative multiple run management (MRM)
– i—MRM Input
• Power calculation flags available to Energy slots
– B—Best Efficiency
– M—Max Capacity
• Unit values flag available to Turbine Release and Energy slots on power reservoirs with the Unit Power method selected
– U—Unit Values
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Revised: 01/05/2024