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Bank Storage Salt
If the reservoir considers bank storage and has either the “Input Bank Storage” or “CRSS Bank Storage” user method selected, salinity in the bank storage can be considered. The Bank Storage Salt category becomes visible with the following two method options.
* None
This default method does not consider salinity of bank storage water.
* Bank Storage Salt
Slots Specific to This Method
 Bank Storage Salt Concentration
Type: Series Slot
Units: Concentration
Description: Salt concentration of bank storage water.
Information: If the initial timestep’s value is not known, it defaults to the Reservoir Salt Concentration at the initial timestep
I/O: Output only
Method Details  
If this method is selected, the dispatch method will consider the salt concentration of the bank storage flows as follows:
If the flow is from the bank to the reservoir (Delta Bank Storage is negative), then the in-bound salt mass is calculated from the Delta Bank Storage and the previous Bank Storage Salt Concentration. Bank Storage Salt Concentration is the set to the previous timestep’s value. There is no out-bound salt mass.
If the flow is from the reservoir to the bank (Delta Bank Storage is positive), then the Bank Storage Salt Concentration is a weighted average of the incoming water and the existing bank storage, as follows:
Revised: 01/05/2024