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RiverWare User Group Meeting 2004
Presentations (in PDF)

New Features in RiverWare: Data Management Interface (DMI) Enhancements
Bill Oakley, CADSWES

User Applications: Water Accounting on the Lower Colorado (Texas)
Ron Anderson, Nadira Kabir, Richard Brown, Boris Fichot, LCRA;
Brad Vickers, Wave Engineering;
John Carron, Hydrosphere Resource Consultants, Inc

User Application: Use of RiverWare in the Lower Colorado River Basin
Terry Fulp, Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Regional Office

User Application: Third Generation San Juan River Basin Hydrology Model
Dave King, Bureau of Reclamation Technical Services Center

User Applications: RiverWare Application by PWRI - Japan
Dr. Yicheng Wang, IWHR, Bejing, China;
Dr. Kazuhiko Fukami and Dr. Junichi Yoshitani, PWRI, Japan

User Applications: Control File Generating Tool
Jeff Rieker and Dillon Cowan, Bureau of Reclamation, Technical Services Center

Managing Large RiverWare Models in Microsoft Windows / Memory Issues
Bill Oakley, CADSWES

Practical Approaches to Large Model Management
James VanShaar, Riverside Technology, inc.

New Features in RiverWare: Plotting Enhancements and Survey of Plotting Needs
Brian Eyster, CADSWES

New Corps of Engineers Flood Control Methods: Development and Testing
Nancy Hall, Steve Setzer, Neil Wilson and Edie Zagona, CADSWES

... Behind the Scenes, Nancy Hall, CADSWES
Applications of Flood Control in the Arkansas Basin
John Daylor, US Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa OK

Kansas City Flood Control Method and Demonstration
Steve Setzer and Kenny Gruchalla, CADSWES

Software Development and Release Process; Bug Tracking and Fixing Procedures, Reg Tests
Katrina Grantz, CADSWES

Qt Migration - implementation update - Brian Eyster and Kenny Gruchalla, CADSWES

Upcoming Development: New Constraint Editor
Tim Magee, Patrick Lynn and Kenny Gruchalla, CADSWES

Upcoming Development and Needs Survey: Workspace and Accounting Network Layers
Kenny Gruchalla, CADSWES

Upcoming Development and User Requirements for GPAT,
Dave King, USBR; Tim Magee, CADSWES

Upcoming Development and Needs Survey: Read-only RiverWare Version (free)
Brian Eyster, CADSWES

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