RiverWare in CWMS/RTS

These training videos present the methodology and modeling techniques to incorporate a RiverWare model into the Corps Water Management System (CWMS) and/or Real Time Simulation (RTS). The videos are intended for engineers, water managers, and system operators who have experience with RiverWare and CWMS/RTS. Please note, all content applies to CWMS and RTS.

Tutorials for each chapter can be found in the Resources tab within the chapter's player. The entire PDF can be downloaded from https://www.riverware.org/tutorials/CWMS_RTS/RiverWare_RTS_CWMS.2023.09.pdf.

The files referenced in the tutorials can be downloaded from https://riverware.org/tutorials/CWMS_RTS/Instructions.html. Installation steps are also provided.

Title Description Date Posted
1. Training Introduction Overview of course content, intended audience, and how to use the video player. 2023-09
2. Overview Describes the overall approach of using a RiverWare model in the CWMS/RTS modeling frameworks. 2023-09
3. Setting up the Plugins Describes the approach to download and set up the CWMS/RTS RiverWare plugins. 2023-09
4. Preparing the RiverWare Model Describes aspects of the RiverWare model that must be set up before importing into the CAVI. 2023-09
5. Importing the RiverWare Model Describes the steps and interfaces to import the RiverWare model. Setting up the run sequence, forecast runs, and model linking are also described. 2023-09
6. Simulating with RiverWare Describes the process of defining forecasts, making computes, viewing results, and iterating. 2023-09
7. Advanced Topics Describes debugging and diagnostics, how to make changes to the RiverWare CWMS/RTS configuration, and how to set up a RiverWare model at a different timestep than the other models in CWMS/RTS. 2023-09


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