2013 RiverWare User Group Meeting Colorado River
NCAR/UCAR Center Green Campus Auditorium
  Tuesday, August 27, 8am - 5pm
  Wednesday, August 28, 8am – 12:30pm
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Tuesday August 27, 2013
7:30–8:00 Registration, Check-in and Continental Breakfast
8:00–8:20 Welcome, Introductions and Overview
Introductions of CADSWES team and attendees; meeting information; agenda
8:20–8:45 Selected New Capabilities and Features - Demos and PresentationsCADSWES
RiverWare Applications
8:45–9:05 Modeling the Truckee River Operating Agreement (TROA) in RiverWare
Shane Coors (Precision Water Resources Engineering)
9:05–9:25 Off-channel Storage Modeling in the Lower Colorado River (LCRA)
Steve Setzer (Hydros Consulting, Inc.)
9:25–9:45 Riverware Modeling in the Deschutes Basin: An Integrated Basin Scale Opportunity Assessment
Sara Niehus, Marshall Richmond & Simon Geerlofs (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
 9:45–10:05 Break
10:05–10:25 New Features: Dynamic Report Generation and Unit SchemesCADSWES
RiverWare Applications
10:25–10:45 RiverWare Modeling Application for Existing System Operation for the Red River
John Daylor, P.E. (USACE—Tulsa District)
10:45–11:05 Adoption and Modification of the USACE Red River Model for Hydrologic Investigations in SE Oklahoma
Cody Hudson and Barney Austin (INTERA, Inc.)
11:05–11:25 An Accounting Model in Development of the Fryingpan—Arkansas Project, Southeastern Colorado
Terry Dawson (BOR—Great Plains); Tom Stockton (Stockton Engineering, Inc.); and Tim Miller, Andrew Gilmore & James VanShaar (BOR—Great Plains)
11:25–11:45 Role of RiverWare in the Newlands Project Planning Study
Heather Gacek (Precision Water Resources Engineering)
11:45–1:15  Lunch (provided)
1:15–1:30 Optimization UpdatesCADSWES
New Features, Training, and CPLEX Licensing Agreement
RiverWare Applications
1:30–1:50 Improved Optimization Modeling
Tim Magee (CADSWES)
1:50–2:10 Using RiverWare to Enhance Hydropower Modeling in Renewable Generation Integration Studies
Mitch Clement (CADSWES)
2:10–2:30 What are the tradeoffs? A Many-objective Approach to Water Resources Planning
Joseph Kasprzyk, Assistant Professor, & Rebecca Smith, M.S. Student (University of Colorado at Boulder)
2:30–2:50 Between a Mussel and a Hard Place – Update on Drought Modeling in North Texas
Jon Albright (Freese and Nichols, Inc.)
2:50–3:10 Break
3:10–3:25 New FeaturesCADSWES
Groundwater and Water Quality Modeling Enhancements
RiverWare Applications
3:25–3:45 Salinity Projection Model for Yuma Area Office, Bureau of Reclamation
Steve Setzer (Hydros Consulting, Inc.)
3:45–4:05 Northern Water Daily Planning Model Overview
Luke Shawcross, Andy Pineda, and Katie Melander (Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District)
4:05–4:25 Mid Term Operations Probabilistic Model on the Colorado River Basin
Anthony Powell (Precision Water Resources Engineering), Daniel Bunk & Shana Tighi (BOR-Lower Colorado Region), Katrina Grantz (BOR-Upper Colorado Region)
4:25–4:35 New FeaturesCADSWES
Scenario Manager for Stakeholders
4:35–5:00 Software Development and Maintenance, Releases and Tech TransferCADSWES
  Overview of CADSWES software development processes and standards; software maintenance; User Support procedures; Release Processes; Bug Tracking; new Training Modules and Demo/Evaluation Modules
After 5pm... Meet for happy hour and/or dinner at The Pub at Boulder Beer (not hosted)
Wednesday August 28, 2013
7:30–8:00 Continental Breakfast
8:00–8:40 RiverSMART: The New Suite of RiverWare Software for Complex StudiesCADSWES
RiverWare Applications
8:40–9:00 Modeling to Support the Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study
Alan Butler, Carly Jerla, & Ken Nowak (BOR—Lower Colorado Region); and Jim Prairie (BOR—Upper Colorado Region)
9:00–9:20 The Eastern Nile RiverWare Model for Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia - Seeking Alternatives for Trans-boundary Collaboration
Kevin Wheeler (Water Balance Consulting, LLC)
9:20–9:40 Upcoming and Future Possible EnhancementsCADSWES
 9:40–10:10 Break
RiverWare Applications
10:10–10:30 Rio Grande Reservoir Cooperative Project—Building Consensus and Trust for a Multi-use Storage Project
Kelly DiNatale and Arista Hickman (DiNatale Water Consultants, Inc.)
10:30–10:40 Single Model for all Applications of the Upper Rio Grande Water Operations Model (URGWOM)
Amy Louise, Marc Sidlow (USACE—Albuquerque District) and Craig Boroughs (BH&H Engineering, Inc.)
10:40–11:00 Modeling the Rio Grande Project in the Lower Rio Grande Valley
Nick Mander, John Carron and Steve Setzer (Hydros Consulting, Inc.)
11:00–12:30 Open Mic
Discussion of current and future needs, issues, ideas, suggestions; open questions and discussions with everyone, including the CADSWES R&D team
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