2005 RiverWare User Group Meeting
at the Boulder Marriott -- March 1-2, 2005
2005 Annual RiverWare Users Group Meeting
Boulder Marriott
(Available presentations are PDF versions of PowerPoint slides)
Policy Modeling and Analysis with RiverWare size
New Features in RiverWare: Scenario Manager and RiverWare Viewer - Brian Eyster, CADSWES 378K
The Four URGWOM Models - Marc Sidlow USACE-Albuquerque and Mike Roark, USGS-Albuquerque  
URGWOM Model Acceptance and Use - Steve Bowser and Garret Ross, BOR-Albuquerque Area; Marc Sidlow USACE-Albuquerque; Mike Roark and Dave Wilkins (retired) USGS-Albuquerque; William Miller, William J. Miller Engineers, Inc., Santa Fe, New Mexico 153K
The Graphical Policy Analysis Tool (GPAT) Updates and Future Work -Tim Magee and Neil Wilson, CADSWES; Dave King, BOR-Technical Services Center 409K
Using CRSS to Explore Shortage Studies on the Lower Colorado - Russ Callejo and Terry Fulp, BOR-Boulder Canyon Operations 803K
CRSS-Lite, Model for Stakeholders on the Colorado River - Carly Jerla, CADSWES and Terry Fulp, BOR-Boulder Canyon Operations 25K
New Features in RiverWare: RPL Analysis Tool - Brian Eyster and Carly Jerla, CADSWES 429K
Water Accounting and Water Rights Modeling with RiverWare:
    Enhancements, Designs, Techniques and Applications
Water Accounting Enhancements and Account Network Visualization Plan - Bill Oakley, Phil Weinstein and Kenny Gruchalla, CADSWES 689K
Update on the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) Water Supply Model - John Carron and Kevin Wheeler, Hydrosphere Resource Consultants, Inc.; Brad Vickers, Wave Engineering; Ron Anderson, Richard Brown and Kris Martinez, LCRA; Kirk Kennedy and Bob Brandes, R.J. Brandes Co.  
Techniques for modeling prioritized water rights in RiverWare - Brad Vickers, Wave Engineering  
Water Accounting Training Class - A preview - Steve Setzer, CADSWES 338K
Featured RiverWare Applications size
Truckee River Modeling System (PowerPoint) - Tom Scott, Mike Mann, Jeff Rieker and Shane Coors, BOR- Lahonton Basin Area Office. 5705K
Capturing Non-storable Flows on the Lower Colorado River and All-American Canal - Tony Dubin, Brown and Caldwell, Seattle. 421K
East Bay Municipal Utility District: Planning and Operations with RiverWare - Alejandro Joaquin and Rey Encarnacion, East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, California 2257K

Computing Natural Flows in the Colorado River Basin - Jim Prairie, BOR - Salt Lake City

Corps of Engineers Flood Control Modeling size
Overview of RiverWare R&D sponsored by the Corps of Engineers - Jerry Cotter, USACE Ft. Worth District 4018K
Update on COE Flood Control Methods in RiverWare - John Daylor, USACE Tulsa District 2507K

The Corps of Engineers HEC integration of RiverWare into the Corps Water Management System (CWMS) - Joan Klipsch,, USACE Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC)

Enhancements: Engineering Algorithms and Rule Functions size
New and Upcoming Engineering Algorithms - Steve Setzer and Sarah Stapleton, CADSWES 347K
New and enhanced RPL functions, and how to execute DMIs from Rulebased Simulation - Patrick Lynn, CADSWES 24K
Software Development and Maintenance, Licensing, Releases and Tech Transfer size
Current Licensees, Legal agreement for licensing RiverWare, License Fees for Cost-sharing Software Maintenance, upcoming Release and Training schedules - Edie Zagona 164K
Software development processes, software maintenance - Bill Oakley and Brian Eyster, CADSWES 100K

User Support, Release Processes, Bug Tracking - Steve Setzer, CADSWES

Runtime Performance and Memory Usage size
Recent improvements to Runtime Performance - Nancy Hall, CADSWES 778K
Model size issues, Service Pack 2 tuning, Future Linux, 64-bit and other thoughts - Bill Oakley, CADSWES 353K
Optimization in RiverWare size
Optimizing TVA’s Hydro System Using RiverWare - Susanne Biddle, TVA  229K

Recent enhancements to RiverWare’s Optimization Toolbox - Tim Magee, CADSWES

Stochastic Optimization - Research and future implementation - JD Emmert, CADSWES 996K
Review of coming (this year) new Optimization/Rules Policy Editor - Kenny Gruchalla, Tim Magee and Patrick Lynn, CADSWES 58K

CPLEX issues and need for alternative solvers - thoughts and discussion - Tim Magee, CADSWES

New/Improved Features in RiverWare size
Workspace migration to Qt, enhancements and future possibilities - Kenny Gruchalla, CADSWES 323K
New Expression Slots with RPL - Patrick Lynn and Carly Jerla, CADSWES 12K
New Qt Selector - Phil Weinstein, CADSWES 260K
Mulitple Run Management and Run Control Enhancements - Bill Oakley, CADSWES 711K

Planning the RiverWare interface to DSS (Corps Data Storage System) and future directions in DMIs and output options - Bill Oakley, CADSWES


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